The Science Behind Green Roofs

Well, most of you can probably already figure out that Green Roofs are some sort on environment friendly roofs. Well, that’s right, but you’d never guess what’s the science behind it. There are many companies out there that deal with this, and the people of the Columbus Roofing in Ohio, a company that deal with reviving roofs, decided to tell us all about these types of roof and how they work.

energy-GRS_Day2_TMobile_1Well, these green roofs are a type of a vegetated rooftop that is especially designed to help the people avoid the problems that usually occur in urban areas; problems such as elevated air temperatures, air and water pollution, and flooding. These roofs can intercept storm water, that usually goes right into the gutters, and reduce the flooding in urban areas. These roofs have some kind of plants inside them, and these plants are responsible in capturing the carbon and cleaning the air. Also, these roofs are great because they help to reduce the usage of energy, and help out with the maintaining of the urban heat islands. These green roofs are also great because they can provided a habitat for some wild animals and birds, and it can even be used to produce food! 

Even though this technology is still in development, people believe that eventually it will be extremely popular, because of the fact that there are so many positive sides to it, and so little negative ones. 

1There are several basic types of green roofs. The first ones are called “extensive”, and they do not require much maintenance, and have shallow soils that are perfect for plants that are low-growing, such as Sedum. Then, there are “intensive roofs”, which are green roofs that practically include a whole garden on your house. They can maintain a wide range of plants that could be planted there, but they need a lot more maintenance than the first ones. People say that you can even plant trees in them! 

Then, there are “modular” and “monolithic” ones. The “Monolithic” green roofs are the types of roofs where you have several layers of soil, and in which the roots can grow anywhere they please. On the other hand, the “monolithic” ones are made out of several containers, so the roots of one plant cannot intermingle with another. 

Structure-of-green-roofs-diagram-greenerheightsIt should be noted that the soil used in these types of roofs is not your usual everyday soil. It is a special kind of soil full of minerals. Also, they are quite different because they are extremely low in organic matter, and this type of soil was proven to be the best by laboratories in Europe. Now, this is nothing new, since this thing was pioneered way back in the ’70s, but the people are only now starting to realize its potential. 

These types of roofs could be a thing of the future, mostly because the people in the urban areas no longer have any place for a garden or growing their own food. This could be both beneficial and healthy, so why not trying it out?

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Starting Out as a Computer Programmer

international-programmer-dayComputers are the way of the future, and as it turns out, they also are the way of the present. You may have noticed that all your friends who went to college and studies computer programming have already gotten great jobs with big salaries, and you’re still looking for one, never mind that you’ve completed collage with a great average. Those who know how to program computers are in an advantage, and if you want to be one of them, you need to start learning, because the time is ticking out. 

However, not everyone is an expert right away, and when you begin programming, you might be a bit confused at start. That is why we give you some advices that should help you out, and guide you to the place you want to go. 

The HackerThe very first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of programming you wish to do. Some people are more interested in creating video games, while others want to major I web development. There are also other directions, but these two are usually the most popular ones. SO, deciding this will help you a lot in the future, because it will give you an opportunity to focus on just one type of programming. 

Then, once you’ve made that decision, you need to start learning a lot more about that type of programming, like what programming languages you need to learn. If you’ve decided to major in video game making, you really should learn some of the C languages. But, if you are interested in web development, you ought to pick HTML and CSS. This will help you out in moving on to one of the side-languages, like PHP or Pearl. 

Now that you know what programming language you’re going to use, you need to understand what it is you need in order to test it. This means that you must get to some reading and studying, because that is the only way you are ever going to get this right. Start learning what it is you need to do, and then use that knowledge to start programming.

prg1Then, when you feel that you know enough about your language, you may start writing your first program. Make sure you know exactly what the program would be, in order to know what you’re going to create, and how you’re going to do it. This means that you need to have a plan, and when you create one, you may start programming; but start with something small. Most likely, this will seem to you as the most difficult thing ever, but you just need to stick to it, and never give up. That is the only way to make it through and create something. 

Once you’ve completed this small project, move on to the bigger one. And as you’re creating that bigger program, you’ll also be learning, and improving yourself. This means that at one point, you’ll become so great at this, that you’ll be able to create practically any program you wish.

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